Team Racing

The American Yacht Club team racing group is one of the more vibrant groups of sailors at the club.  AYC teams practice at the club and compete in local events and also regional, East Coast, and occasionally some international competitions.  Team racing is often a big draw for ex-high school and college sailors.
Team racing is a form of racing that differs from fleet racing.  In team racing, several boats from one team race at the same time against several boats from another team.  In the US, the format is often three boats versus three boats, but the format can also be 2v2 and 4v4.  Generally, the team with the lowest number of points based on the finishing positions will be the winner of that race.
Team racing involves racing around a short course with teammates.  Each team uses their knowledge of the racing rules along with expert boathandling to create wind shadows and perform other maneuvers in order to slow the opposing team down, allowing their teammates to improve their positions.  Team racing develops skills such as boathandling, confidence, and a general awareness of the racing rules on the water.  It is a fast-paced version of sailboat racing that is fun to do and also to watch.