Club 420

The C420 is one of the more actively sailed junior boats in the area.  The boat is used in summer, high school, and collegiate sailing.  It features a mainsail, jib, and spinnaker.  As a junior sailing boat it is designed for two people to sail together, and generally the minimum crew weight is 220 lbs combined and a maximum of 320 lbs.  One of the more distinguishing features for local juniors is that the crew has a trapeze which allows the boat to be handled by lighter sailors.  The boat is dynamic and teaches lots of new skills.  Nationally, it is a very popular junior sailing class for teenagers and young sailors in their twenties.  Our sailors from AYC compete throughout the country in the C420.
In high school most teams compete in C420s with a “collegiate setup”.  The collegiate configuration simplifies the boat by eliminating the spinnaker and trapeze, making it more suitable for short course racing close to land, where it is very shifty.
C420s can be seen sailing at AYC from March to November by our After School Sailors, JAYC sailors, and regatta participants.  Although the boats have different setups, we usually have about 20-25 C420s at AYC during the height of our season.