Fleet Captain: Greth Lester

The J/105 class was the first modern keelboat with a bowsprit and an asymmetric spinnaker. This class provides a good balance of all the attributes that many sailors want in a boat. It has both great inshore and offshore capabilities. It is a boat that has been thoughtfully laid out and is appropriate for two or more able-bodied sailors that want to experience Long Island Sound. It is perfectly suited as a day sailor, but has also enjoyed a very active racing fleet in the local area for over 25 years. The boat has different sail options but traditionally sails with a mainsail, headsail, and an asymmetric spinnaker.

The owners in the J/105 fleet at AYC are a diverse group. We have the whole spectrum of cruisers to racers, and beginners to champions. Much of our Junior Big Boat training occurs using the J/105 as an educational platform. J/105s have a big presence at all JSA of LIS regattas such as the Dorade and Beach Point as well as Spring Series, Fall Series, and Sunset Series.

J/105 Class Fleet (updated 11-21-21)

ECHO - Sail No. USA 418 - W. G. Lester

KESTREL - Sail No. USA 629 - S. W. Doyle

SKIPPDERDEE - Sail No. USA 50848 - D. M. Greenhouse

YOUNG AMERICAN - Sail No. USA 324 - Young American Syndicate