Cook 11

Fleet Captain: Walter Florio

The Cook 11 is our club boat that is used for frostbiting on Sundays and other special events between November and May.  The Cook 11 is an AYC winter sailing tradition that our sailors are very proud of.  The boat was conceived over 30 years ago and is still one of the most active fleets at the club.
The Cook 11 is a cat rigged, single-handed, 11-foot dinghy that is self-bailing in the event of a capsize.  It provides close and exciting racing that is rarely found in other fleets and also allows sailors of different skills and varying body types to battle it out every Sunday afternoon throughout the winter whenever Milton Harbor isn’t frozen over.  We regularly have 20 boats on the line and complete over 100 races each season.  The boats are kept on the dock and dry-sail area throughout the winter.  They consist of a mainsail and are sailed by one person.