American Yacht Club prides itself in our presence and accomplishments on the water.  We have strong keelboat, dinghy, and board fleets and our club is strongly represented in local, regional, and international regattas.  Whether you are interested in recreational activities, competitive sailing experiences, going fast, going slow, or somewhere in between, we have opportunities for everyone to get out and enjoy Long Island Sound and places beyond.
AYC has nearly 100 keelboats in our mooring field, about 50 dry-sailed boats, and more that are owned by members who maintain boats in other locations for racing or cruising.  The composition of our dinghy programs vary from year to year, but we always have over 150 small boats stored on the dock, the dry-sail area, or on the grass.  We host sailing events nearly every week throughout the year and try to create and develop a life-long love of sailing and a passion for life on the water for our members.