Fleet Captain: Duncan P. Hennes

The J/100 class is a very new class to the U.S. and to AYC. The boat is designed to be a sleek, fast, and well-balanced racer or cruiser that recaptures some of the excitement for keelboat sailors who want to make the most of their time on the water. We have just a few of them in the harbor, but they have been making a name for themselves at the national events. AYC sailors were some of the earliest adopters of the class in 2015 and we have been actively cruising and racing in the local area. The fleet shows great promise for the future.

J/100 Class Fleet (updated 11-21-21)

BLUEFIN - T. B. Boyle & R. Clyatt

FREEDOM - Sail No. 126 - D. D. Fung & U. P. Jakobson

LIBERTY - Sail No. 85 - D. P. Hennes

LIONESS - Sail No. 82 - G. Crawford & H. Crawford

RESOLUTE - Sail No. 64 - N. S. Everett & J. W. Peters & S. MacVicar