Pixels have been sailed regularly on Long Island Sound for nearly two decades.  Not everyone likes sailing alone or has a strong desire to race, and so the Pixel offers the perfect solution in that case.  The Pixel introduces sailors to skills that are similar to those used in the 420, but it allows them to transfer out of the Optimist and into a double-handed boat a little sooner because the boat is not as powerful and the sailors can be smaller and work in teams of either two or three. The Pixel allows young sailors to work together and learn how to sail with a symmetrical spinnaker.  The boat is comfortable to sit in and is stable but also fast, which are key ingredients for new sailors.  The best part is that the open transom minimizes bailing and makes it easy to climb back into the boat after a capsize.
Pixel sailors are usually 4th and 5th year sailors at AYC.  The class association recommends that the sailors have a minimum combined weight of 190 lbs.  The boats have a mainsail, jib, and a spinnaker but no trapeze.  Our sailors tend to be in middle school and have a wide range of sailing interests and goals.  We generally have a fleet of around 6 to 10 boats.