Fleet Captain: Jeffrey R. Jamison

The Etchells Class and AYC have a long history together. Designed in 1966 by Elwood Widmer & Skip Etchells from Old Greenwich, CT, the Etchells Class has grown from Fleet 1, established in Western Long Island Sound, to over 50 fleets worldwide. As one of the original, major proponents of Etchells, AYC has provided a staple of the local racing scene for nearly 50 years. We have sailors who compete at the top of the international circuit as well as members just starting out in the fleet.

Etchells are often described as a powerful 30.5 keelboat that bites into big breeze and powers up more quickly than traditional keelboats. She can tack through 70 degrees and has a low wetted surface hull form that keeps moving in the slightest breeze. In 20+ knots, she absolutely flies.

Though sensitive to fine adjustments in the rig and sail trim that makes sailing her technically intriguing to all types of sailors, the tight one-design adherence keeps the racing tight and close, placing strong emphasis on tactics -- a factor that made the boat a favorite among world class sailors. More can be found at

International Etchells Class Fleet (updated 11-21-21)

International Etchells Class Fleet (updated 11-21-21)

BLUE DUCK - Sail No.USA 1302 - R. E. Thompson Jr.

DARK N STORMY - Sail No.USA 1262 - E. A. Tillinghast III

FLAME - Sail No.USA 427 - H. E. Gaillard Jr.

GREAT AMERICAN - Sail No.USA 1159 - J. R. Jamison

GUMPTION 3 - Sail No.USA 1465 - K. Grainger

LIONHEART - Sail No. USA 1412 - A. H. b. Owles

OATMEAL - Sail No.USA 926 - P. S. Duncan

OATMEAL - Sail No.USA1454 - P. S. Duncan

PETE - Sail No.USA1074 - J. Turney & D. G. Smith

RAGING ROOSTER - Sail No.USA 1397 - P. S. Duncan