Friday Night Sunset Series

Friday Night Sunset Series

Fridays, May 17th – August 2nd, 2024

The scheduled warning signal for the first division is 1845.

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The regatta is open to yachts captained by members of AYC and Larchmont Yacht Club (LYC). Each owner must have a current PHRF certificate from the YRALIS. No boat will receive a rating credit for sailing with less than its maximum crew weight. Any questions regarding updated PHRF certificates should be directed to AYC Measurer Mark Ploch. ([email protected])

ENTRIES: The entry and fee of $100 must be received by AYC by 1900 on Thursday, May 16th. Late entries will be accepted with an entry and fee of $150. Entries can be submitted electronically on the regatta website A copy of each yacht’s PHRF certificate must also be available on the YRALIS website.

SCHEDULE: One race is scheduled for each Friday evening from May 17th to August 2nd. The fleet will be divided into divisions at the discretion of the AYC race committee. The Annual Sunset Series Distance Race is scheduled to be held on Sunday, July 6th, for which there will be separate race documents and a regatta website. Participation in this event will count toward qualification for the Sunset Series but will be scored as a separate event. On Friday, July 19th, there may not be Sunset Series racing. Competitors are encouraged to enter the LYC Execution Rocks Race scheduled for that evening. Participating in the Execution Rocks Race on July 19th will also count towards qualification for the Sunset Series if a boat started the race and will also be scored as a separate event by LYC. The regatta website for entry for this race will be on as part of Larchmont Race Week and requires payment of a separate entry fee.

PRIZES: Weekly prizes will be awarded at AYC after each race as well as season prizes after the conclusion of the series. The Scotch Caps Trophy will be awarded at AYC’s annual awards dinner to the AYC boat with the best series percentage score. The Michael Duncan Memorial Trophy will be given to the AYC boat with best participation, improvement, and/or sportsmanship also at AYC’s annual awards dinner.

Event Chairman: Don Dowd: [email protected]

Chief Scorer: Barry Gold: [email protected]