Fleet Captain: Giff Constable

The Laser is one of the most popular one design fleets in the world. It was introduced at the New York boat show in 1971 and has been an Olympic class boat since the 1996 summer games. It is one of the few boats that is enjoyed by many types of sailors including Juniors, Masters, Olympians, and recreational sailors.

Our laser fleet is growing and active. We have a thriving junior laser fleet during the summer, plenty of weekend clinics open to all ages, and racing opportunities for both juniors and adults all year round.

The Laser hull is just under 14 feet long and allows for three sail configurations. At AYC we primarily have Standard and Radial sailors. The smaller sailors switch between the 4.7 and the Radial, and the larger sailors sometimes switch between the Radial and Standard rig.

Starting in the 2020-2021 season, AYC Frostbiting now welcomes Laser sailors to the race course. All rigs are welcome, although the predominant rig will be the Radial. If you have any questions about laser sailing at AYC or would like to join the fleet mailing list, please contact Giff Constable at [email protected]


Laser Fleet Class (updated 11-21-21)
J. Gobin
Y. P. Gobin
D. McKeige
 Sail No. 6 - R. L. Alexander
Sail No. 156652 - W. G. Florio
Sail No. 156652 - C. S. Everett
Sail No. 170310 - J. G. Feehan
Sail No. 171650 - R. W. Fear
Sail No. 173527 - J. Tunkey
Sail No. 184404 - M. Leary
Sail No. 185830 - R. E. Thompson Jr.
Sail No. 190273 - B. Arquit
Sail No. 193279 - P. A. LaBossiere
Sail No. 194249 - G. Constable III
Sail No. 195918 - L. J. Dunlop
Sail No. 199161 - M. Ploch
Sail No. 205431 - H. Rodriguez
Sail No. 210173 - J.-Y. Fillion
Sail No. 211618 - L Heiss
Sail No. 217724 - S. Clark