Bic Techno 293

The Bic Techno 293 is the youth windsurfing one design class for anyone under the age of 17.  It is a very strong class internationally with the World Championship often attracting over 300 windsurfers from over 25 countries.  The Techno 293 is the youth Olympic board, one of only 2 sailing disciplines.  It is a great stepping stone to the Olympic windsurfer, sharing many of the same qualities such as a mast track and centerboard.
The board is 9 feet, 7 inches long and weighs 28 pounds.  The 3-position mast track and centerboard, along with a selection of sails, make the Techno 293 versatile in a wide range of conditions.  The sizes for each international age class are as follows:  U15 use a 5.8 square meter sail; U17 use a 6.8 square meter sail; U19 use a 7.8 square meter sail; and the Open class uses an 8.5 square meter sail.
American Yacht Club has one of the strongest Techno 293 fleets on the East Coast.  We have 15 boards that many of our sailors use to train specifically for windsurfing, and some sailors also use them to cross-train for other sailing disciplines.