Fleet Captain: Dan Goldberg

The J/70 is reported to be the World’s Fastest Growing One Design, Trailerable Speedster. The keelboat was introduced to the US public less than five years ago and has grown exponentially throughout many parts of the world. The fleet is 1,100 boats strong and is still growing.

The boat is 22.75’ and is exciting to race or can be enjoyed by families for an afternoon sail. It planes in certain conditions and also offers a relatively stable platform with a large cockpit for afternoon family cruises. It has a mainsail, furling jib and an asymmetric spinnaker. We have over 15 boats owned by members at AYC enough to get their own starting line on Friday nights for the Sunset series. In 2016 we are hosting the 2016 Women’s International Keelboat Championship, the 2016 East Coast J70 Championships, and the 2017 J/70 North Americans.

J/70 Class Fleet (updated 11-21-21)

J/70 Class Fleet (updated 11-21-21)

ALTHEA - Sail No. USA 646 - E. Bourassa

BAZINGA! - Sail No. USA 84 - D. P. Goldberg

LET IT RIP - Sail No. USA 323 - M. G. Saffer

RELATIVE OBSCURITY - Sail No. USA 49 - P. S. Duncan

RELENTLESS - Sail No. USA 498 - M. Hovers

SHAKE 'N BAKE - Sail No. USA 67 - M. P. Shea

SLINKY - Sail No. USA 392 - A. S. Bursor

WINDSONG - Sail No. USA 320 - N. Wagner

Sail No. USA 576 - S. R. Wallace