Fleet Captain: Vin Marshall
The International One Design is a 10-meter day racer that was created in the mid 1930s.  It is the first class to be awarded International Classic Yacht Status by World Sailing.  IODs were originally developed to be an athletic racing platform between teams from Long Island Sound and Bermuda.  IOD regattas have been hosted in Long Island Sound since 1937.  Even though the yacht was designed for the Amorita Cup series between Long Island Sound and Bermuda, the one design class spread to many parts of North America and Europe.  There are still 10 strong fleets that actively compete.  In addition to a wonderful racing platform, the boat is widely recognized as one of the more elegant and stately reminders of Yachting’s Golden Years. 
The IOD is meant to be a truly even international racing platform.  In an effort to be competitive at both the local and international levels, the class maintains some fleet principles that level the playing field.  Sail purchases are dictated by local fleets, which are encouraged to have similar sails that are designed to maximize local conditions.  Regattas are hosted at different locations and championships are sailed in local fleet boats that are rotated between competitors.  2017 will mark 80 years of great IOD racing in Long Island Sound.