O'pen Bic

The O’pen Bic has been used at American Yacht Club for nearly 10 years.  It is a plastic, modern, single-handed boat that is designed with fun in mind..  It has an open transom and is fast both on and off the water.  It’s  single sail can be rigged up in under 2 minutes.  The O’pen Bic comes with a monofilm sail that is 4.5 square meters in size.  There are other sail variations that allow the boat to sail in a wider range of conditions.  It has a trainer sail made of dacron for better durability that is 3.8 square meters. The boat can also be fitted to use an Optimist sail to be enjoyed by the smallest sailors in the family.  The boat is 9 feet long and weighs 99 pounds.  The O’pen Bic capsizes easily, but it is even easier to bring back upright!
The O’pen Bic regattas are called Un-regattas because the focus is not just about winning races, but instead the focus is on having the most fun possible while encouraging sportsmanship.  Un-regattas will feature such activities as limbo competitions, freestyle, course racing, slalom, and much more!  Bic Un-Regattas and Optimist Green Fleet regattas have a lot of similarities in their objectives, and we generally have a fleet of 6 to 10 boats for these events.